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The required chemicals you can offer directly on our site or you may consult our specialists chemists–technologists on any
questions of your interest.

This section is destined just for suppliers and producers
of chemical raw materials

    Special offer for Chelatferon BD (Disodium salt EDTA) - valid just for one month!!!
From 27.04.07 till 27.05.07 you can buy any quantity of the product Chelatferon B (disodium salt EDTA) at the price 95 rubles/kg incl.VAT from stock in Moscow!

    Special offer for Trilon B (Disodium salt EDTA) - valid just for one month!!!!!!
Disodium salt EDTA at the price 74 rubles/kg incl.VAT from stock in Moscow!

    Monoethanolamine, diethanolamine and triethanolamine in barrels as well as on tap are always available from stock in Moscow.

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We invite to the fifteenth international exhibition of the chemical industry "Chemistry-2009" passing in Moscow.

During the… Details


A new brand of chelating agents – CHELATFERON®! - has appeared in Russia!
ZAO “BINOVA Chemical” became an exclusive representative of chelating agents under the brand CHELATFERON in the Russian Federation. We… Details

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