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«ChemTorgGarant» offers the following products from stock or made to order:

  • Organic products and semi-products, such as solvent, dimethylbenzene, triethylene glycol, neonol, isophorone, ABS acid and some others;

  • Resins and hardeners, anion exchange resin, cation exchange resin, potting compound, epoxy resins, hardeners and many others;

  • Active substances, for production of crop protecting agents, finished products and mineral fertilizers;

  • Amines and amides, (diethylethanolamine, triethanolamine, etc.) for production of pesticides, water treatment, oil and gas industry and some other industries;

  • Inorganic products: chlorosulfonic acid, lauric acid, calcium stearate, zinc stearate (used in rubber and tire industry).

  • Chemicals – additives for polymeric materials: vulcanizing accelerators for rubber mixes based on natural and synthatic rubber, structure-forming agent, stabilizer of synthetic rubber, etc.;

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