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About the company

"Binova Chemical group" – the industrial-trading company specialising on production chelating agents and complex agrochelating of the trade name "Chelatferon®". As our company carries out complex deliveries of chemical raw materials to the enterprises of agroindustrial, oil and gas and mining complexes, a heat power complex, factories of synthetic rubber, electrotechnical and a paint and varnish industry, household chemical goods and cosmetics, and other industries.

Mission of our company – maintenance of the Russian manufacturers of end-products with high-quality raw materials of own production, and consumers high-quality products in wide range under the optimum prices.

Our company works in the Russian market since 2001 and for these years has proved as serious, the responsible partner. The «Binova Chemical group» -operates with such world leaders on production of chemical raw materials as concerns Akzo Nobel, BASF, DOW, YARA, Degussa, having proved as the responsible partner. We are official sales representatives of concern Akzo Nobel and concern BASF in Russia.

The basic priority directions of activity of our company are:

- Production of raw materials for production of protection frames of plants (herbicides) and mineral fertilizers.
- Production of raw materials for a power complex of Russia (cleaning of the equipment, coppers, pipes, generators, etc.)
- Production of raw materials for production of household chemical goods, autocosmetics and washing-up liquids.
- Production of raw materials for a petroleum industry (extraction, processing).
- Production of raw materials for production of rubber.

Buyers of our company are reliably insured against fakes and numerous trading margins of intermediaries. Purchasing the goods from us, you can be assured that these goods are certificated in Russia and has qualitative products under the reasonable price!

At regular cooperation we are ready to deliver chemical raw materials with the form of payment convenient for you, and also various programs of additional service and bonus awarding. We will do the utmost, that cooperation between us was mutually advantageous!

"Binova Chemical group" is:

    wide range of high quality products, which are always available in our stock;
     guaranteed quality of goods, protection against «illegal» import and forgeries;
    high quality and promptness of service;
    reasonable prices;
    delivery to any region of Russia.

We are welcoming dealers and agents.
We are interested in enlargement of our regional dealer network !

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